Pastor Edmond

Pastor Edmond

Pastor Edmond is from the Karen people group and was born in Burma. Edmond’s father was killed while his family was fleeing from the Burmese Army before he was born. His mother eventually escaped to Thailand with Edmond and his siblings. Upon finishing high school, Edmond attended a Bible School at Insein, Burma. Because of the civil war and the oppression of the Karen people, he had a great burden to minister to his persecuted and suffering people. He desired to help them grow physically, educationally and spiritually. In 1983, he began to minister in a small jungle village. He met, and eventually married his wife, PawMuNa during this time. In 1989, Burmese soldiers came and destroyed his village along with everything in it - houses, schools, churches, rice fields.... It was then that the Lord showed Pastor Edmond that the Karen people were a flock without a shepherd, and if he would not help them, who would? God touched his heart and called him to “brighten the corner” he was in.

evangelist Program

In the last year, Hill Tribe Ministry had 22 evangelism trips. Some of the workers are teachers with the school inside Burma. The mobile ministry team visited the displaced people and their villages inside Burma three times. More than 2,000 people received medical treatment, received clothing and received prayer. Many had the Gospel shared with them.

Student Program

Hill Tribe Ministry supports eighteen high school students and five university students. Some of the students are from non-Christian families, some are orphan, some are poor, and some are displace people. They are encouraged to return to serve their people as teachers, medic and evangelists (pastors).

Children Ministry program

The children’s ministry center is at the church. Every weekend they have more than 300 children who come to learn the Bible, the Karen and English languages, and music. Pastor Edmond’s vision is that they will grow intellectually and spiritually in the word of God.